6 - 14 july 2019

Iza Bernau-Ławniczak | Very Human Services

runs worshops at DtB Summit

Iza manages customer insight projects at Very Human Services. She designs services and products based on user need and is an experienced moderator of innovation implementation processes in the organization. Iza combines design, research and analytical skills in the field of human centred design, such as customer experience and qualitative research. Since 20 years, she has effectively transferred the competences of responding to signals of changes in the market in the areas of work and employment, health and beauty, retail, energy, transport. In 2017 she co-created and implemented the award-winning innovation culture project at the Poznań International Fair. Also, futurefoods.pl is her brainchild project, whose aim is to introduce customer-centricity to the food industry. She is a graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Design Management at the School of Form, and Dietetics at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. A member of Service Design Polska, co-owner of Very Human Services.