6 - 14 july 2019

Plan your participation in GDD | Important information

There are only few days left to the Gdynia Design Days 12th edition great opening. Is this your first visit at festival? Here are some useful information which will help you to fill your GDD schedule and make sure that you do not miss any point on the map.


Entry for all the exhibitions and lectures during GDD is free of charge. Registration for all workshops and business conference is required. Participation in DtB First Steps and DtB Summit workshops and lectures require prior registration and fees.

The Festival Centre is located in PSTP Gdynia – here most of GDD events are being held. Start your visit at info point in building III or IV (container is located in front of the main entry – the Zwycięstwa avenue and Stryjska street crossroad). Collect your GDD programme and check map of the festival. Any questions? do not hesitate to ask for assistance our volunteers.

All the exhibitions are open between 6th and 14th of July.

Festival opening hours: 10:00 am — 08:00pm.


The PSTP Gdynia premises has a large underground parking zone. The entrance is located behind the PSTP Gdynia buildings.

We highly recommend public trasportation: local SKM train service (stop : GDYNIA REDŁOWO), bus, trolleybus (stop: Redłowo SKM – Park Technologiczny” or „Centrum Nauki Experyment”.


All exhibitions, workshops and events are marked as individual points on the map. On PSTP Gdynia premises follow white (for exhibitions) and black (for workshops) lines. Between each buildings big dots will guide you to your destination.

Important events and exhibitions are also take place at Centre of Gdynia. Check the address and individual letter designating the place. Explore the city.

See map of the festival 



The festival is aimed at people of all ages, including children and seniors. We make sure that we provide access for visitors on wheelchair and with strollers. The majority of exhibitions, workshops and lectures are located on ground floor of PSTP Gdynia buildings. There is also easy access to exhibitions located at first floor by elevator.
Your dog can keep you company during GDD, please remember to keep your friend on a leash. For safety matters for bigger animals muzzle is required.
We are open for group visits, further notice is not required. We recommend groups up to 15 people.
Nothing wrong with not speaking Polish, all GDD exhibitions are bilingual. Check the programme for events held in English.


As every year GDD2019 program offers  events dedicated for children.  The youngest participants of the festival are invited to take part in a series of ecological workshops accompanying the "2 ° C" exhibition. The program was designed by its curators - Monika Brauntsch and Dorota Kabała. Workshops require prior registration. Children should be under adults supervision at all time. We kindly ask caregivers to closely supervise children at exhibitions.
On PSTP Gdynia premises you can find two restaurants Eureka (building II), and Park Cafe (building IV). You can also enjoy selection of best food tracks at relax zone situated in front of building III main entrance
For coffee and cakes we invite you to meeting area located in building IV. Homemade sweets and drinks will be served by TŁOK café.
You can take pictures at all festival locations. We don’t mind you sharing them on social media please add @gdyniadesigndays and #gdd2019 #polaryzacja hashtags, so we can see what you have captured during festival.  
We appreciate four feedback, during festival please fill in our surveys. If you want to share your thoughts and  suggestions with us, we are waiting for you in info point or through Facebook.