6 - 14 july 2019

Make a choice!


6-14 july, 10:00-20:00


Terminal Designu
Bulwar Nadmorski

Let’s admit it, not every decision we make determine the fate of the world. Frequently these decisions only affect our small microcosm. However, ostensibly minor choices we make, such as choosing the colors or style of the interiors we stay in, can considerably influence our everyday mood and bring satisfaction. This is why we focus on these choices.

We wonder if when designing our private interiors we lean towards experimenting or we settle for well known, safe solutions. Do we prefer stimulating colors and shapes or rather classic, subtle color schemes? Do we constantly search for new forms and shapes or we reuse our design heritage?

Luckily, two different worlds can coexist and interlace. In Design Terminal you are just a step away from changing your choices.


The exhibition has been made by Lumann shop and gallery.
Grunwaldzka 14, Gdańsk | LUMANNdesign.com