6 - 14 july 2019

We need more space


6 - 14 july, 10:00 - 20:00


PPNT Gdynia, builiding III

At the exhibition, we will see mock-ups of lunar bases, models of Mars rovers, missiles and sensors, as well as we will talk about the backstage of research projects carried out with the participation of Polish specialists. We will find out what the cultural and social context are hide behind each of them.

The idea of the exhibition is not only to show objects and tools, but above all to present people and their materialised motivation, passion and knowledge. Sometimes it will be technological curiosities, another time the hidden depth of problems and challenges faced by those, who are behind the implementation. In this case, the human factor becomes a double-edged sword.  Different procedures, including problems with research funding, also have an impact on the space exploration work. As history shows, these connections and problems can polarise into a huge force, both driving and destructive.

The exhibition will show a section of what is happening in space with the participation of Poles. We already have achievements documented in the form of designing rovers or writing the appropriate software, or preparing electronics intended for space. We are also able to make suborbital rockets, we provide tools for probes and satellites. Our scientists study the impact of radiation on the human body, design tools for astronauts, and explore the geological structure of Mars. That's still not all, because space is the energy that surrounds us, which is primarily connected to people. Space is a multitude of enthusiasts and passionate people who have the courage and want to do something more. They want to explore what has never been discovered before.

The slogan "We need more space" is not unambiguous. It symbolically refers to the internal need to satisfy hunger for curiosity about the world and often is found among space enthusiasts, also as a slogan and a patch for clothes. A Polish website devoted to the subject of space exploration, the activity of which will also be presented at the exhibition, operates under this name as well.



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