6 - 14 july 2019

Utopia | Dystopia


7th july, 16:30 - 17:00

Find out how a magazine is made. The editor-in-chief of F5 magazine and its artistic director will guide the participants through the process - from idea to implementation, finalization and distribution.

The speakers will talk about the latest issue of the F5 Utopia/Dystopia magazine, which describes two conflicting visions of the world. The first one is focused on the here and now, the robust consumption and convenience at all costs, with dramatic consequences for the climate change. The second is a progressive one, whose virtues are moderation and economy. They lead to two opposing scenarios for the future that have been outlined – not only in terms of content, but also of design that is consistent with them.

Lecture within the framework of the POLARIZATION BLOC.


  • Owner and editor-in-chief of the F5 publishing house. Graduate of the Faculty of Management and Psychology at the University of Warsaw.

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  • Graphic Designer and Art & Creative Director. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź with over 17 years of experience in working in advertising agencies and branding studios.

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