6 - 14 july 2019

Urszula Szwed | Dinksy

speaker of DtB Summit

Urszula Szwed has been leading creative teams for 10 years, while within the last 6 years she has been co-creating the DINKSY. This Illustration and Design Studio is today a unique, self-managing, turquoise enterprise. In the past, she has accumulated a lot of bad experiences in providing creative work in the vertical, oppressive, structures of Polish companies. Therefore, when deciding to co-create their organization from scratch, its priority was to find a model that will be based on the human potential of people working in it. Together with the DINKSY team, Urszula took up the challenge of designing a good communication model within the team as well as between them and their clients, striving also to make the structure horizontal. The result of this work ar "Cards on the table" - an original tool for facilitating communication in groups, not only creative ones.