6 - 14 july 2019

City Design | Trash Table


1 - 14 july 2019


Different locations

In the hour of consumerism, our relationships are not what is the most important, but the benefits we are able to draw out of them. We aren’t interested in the idea of the course or process of an object, which later affect function, we rather focus on its aesthetics and form.

This inquiry was noticed by the first year students of School of Form, after being introduced to their ceramics project. The objective of the project was to analyze and later redefine certain elements of tableware. Thanks to searching beyond the everyday forms found in the kitchen, widely understood trash and forgotten objects turned out to have distinct features, allowing them to perform entirely different functions.

The object choices were driven by food properties, cultural importance or even the need to stress certain social problems. Each of the produced dishes has taken some form of a manifesto, where the cleanliness and nobility of porcelain accentuate their accuracy.

The effect of the students’ work varies, with some forms leaning towards more ergonomic solutions, and others striving for social conscience change. This polarization doesn’t need to create conflict, but may power an engaging dialogue, thanks to which new problems can be answered.


  • An artist, designer and technologist. Rep of the generation of ceramists for whom the technological process in ceramics is deliberately and consciously disrupted by the designer in order to achieve a form displaying the relationship between process and performance. Graduate of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, where he majored in art.

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