6 - 14 july 2019

Relax and meeting area of GDD


6 - 14 lipca, 10:00 - 20:00


PPNT Gdynia, builiding III

The dot occurs alone, but it can also attract related souls - other dots.

The GDD 2019 festival architecture has its roots in the bold visual identity of this event. And thus, the dot has become the basis of everything else. Dot – as a mark of being FOR, or AGAINST. Lonely dot keeping its distance, or a bunch of dots in a strong group. Constellations of dots – some stable and unbreakable, others fragile and temporary. There are also repulsive dots, thrown away, banned.

But a dot in space becomes a spatial object, it grows to become a sphere or a tube with a certain role to play. Some of them serve as round seats or tables, some transform into plant pots or small ponds, others become umbrellas. They can be arranged in multi-functional groups of various sizes. They also form the festival signage.

Dots in the form of black spheres – balloons – float above the landscape, showing directions, marking important places.

Different configurations of elements in space inspire various reactions of festival guests. Large groups of spatial “dots” encourage socializing, while singular elements allow finding peace and quiet. Tall pillars and walls make the space more dense in some places, and they also serve as a background, or a partition. They cast long shadows…

Modules of different functions can be arranged in countless groups. There are no constraints in mixing the elements.  


  • BETON jest wielozadaniową warszawską pracownią projektową, którą w 2009 roku założyli absolwenci Wydziału Architektury Politechniki Warszawskiej, Marta i Lech Rowińscy. Beton wymyśla znaki graficzne, kroje pisma, książki, plakaty, meble, wystawy, a od czasu do czasu także budynki.

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