6 - 14 july 2019

Brutal Polarisation | Zupagrafika


7 - 15 lipca, 10:00-20:00


TŁOK cafe
ul. Józefa Wybickiego 3

Wystawa plakatów studia Zupagrafika - w szczególny sposób związanego z Polską Szkołą Plakatu, architekturą powojennego modernizmu oraz papierem.

Zupagrafika is an independent publisher, author and design studio established in 2012 by a Hispano-Polish duo David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka in Poznań, Poland. The studio has a special affinity with Polish Poster School, post-war modernist architecture and paper. Over the last decade, David and Martyna have designed, illustrated and published award-winning books and kits celebrating modernist and brutalist architecture from the former Eastern Bloc and beyond. Zupagrafika`s titles include: “Blokografia” (2012), “Blok Wschodni” (2014), ‘Brutal London’ (2015), “Blokoshka” (2016), “Paris Brut” (2016), “Blokowice” (2016), “The Constructivist” (2017), ”Brutal East” (2017), “Modern East” (2017), “Hidden Cities” (2018), “Brutal Britian” (2018), “Eastern Blocks”(2019). Their publications have featured contributions by such architects, journalists and writers as: Sir Norman Foster, John Grindrod, Barnabas Calder, Peter Chadwick, Christopher Beanland, Florian Heilmeyer and Kuba Snopek. Zupagrafika is the author of the books: “Brutal London: Construct Your Own Concrete Capital” (2016, Prestel Publishing; an adaptation of their popular paper model series “Brutal London”), “Brutal Britain” (2018, Zupagrafika), “Eastern Blocks” (2019, Zupagrafika).


Tłok cafe and art gallery based in Gdynia, presenting works by well-known and respected Polish graphic designers, illustrators and photographers. It is a place to relax with coffee and homemade cakes and a cultural meeting point on the map of downtown Gdynia. The interior of the restaurant, maintained in the style of the '60s and' 70s, creates a distinctive atmosphere, inviting visitors to a sentimental journey in time.