6 - 14 july 2019

Marta Flisykowska

curator of "We need more space" exhibition

Designer, researcher and lecturer. She works at the Faculty of Architecture and Design on Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and she is co-leading there the Experimental Design Studio.

As a designer, she deals with the formulation of intuitive sensual messages, shaping the material environment of man. She is interested in the human element in the field of technology. She can translate verbal and non-verbal communication into the language of things. As a researcher and curator, She use the speculative experiment and design method to study the cultural code. She is interested in functional intuition in the context of multiculturalism.

She uses her passion for the space and futurology in her projects, exhibitions, and publications. Her work often combines additive manufacturing technology, but also rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing (DDM). Participant and panellist at research conferences. She is collaborating with the industry for instance with  polish space sector. Privately, she loves traveling, collects stones and likes caraway.

More (or less) on flisykowska.com