6 - 14 july 2019

Jonas Kronlund | Elisa

Speaker of DtB Summit

Head of Customer Development in the entertainment domain of new international business development at Elisa Corporation, the leading telecom operator in Finland. He has through the years worked with new digital services development, be it then virtual worlds, mobile TV, ebooks, social games, mobile payments, live sports streaming, or TV services. New smart ways of doing familiar things, so to say. He has also been central in developing new ways of working in the company, by formulating a framework for rigorous experimentation. Jonas is experienced in translating design thinking and strategic foresight into scenarios, visions, lean startup experimentation, and solid business strategies. Business design is all of these, and when recognizing the need for it, Jonas founded the 'Business Designers' group on LinkedIn, to connect practitioners for sharing experiences and developing this emerging discipline.