6 - 14 july 2019

Humanism of fabrics


6 - 14 lipca, 10:00 - 20:00


PPNT Gdynia, building IV

Can beauty be appropriable?

At the exhibition, we will see a series of linen objects that are the result of symbiosis of two areas of art: painting and weaving. The project is a part of the concept called 'Humanism of fabrics', guided by the experience of hand-woven forms by human. With reference to POLARISATION, a specific type of production is presented, the result of which are unique works from the borderline of art and craft.
Canvas 3D are a wall decorative fabrics entirely constructed on a weaving loom. They appear as single decorative forms, as well as, they can create larger compositions. Thanks to spatial constructions, fabrics fully enhance their structure, becoming objects from the sphere of kinetic art.

Fabrics function in the space in which the viewer moves, having a direct impact on the quality and culture of his life. Hand-woven canvases are constructed on a loom by using a paining technique of glazing - an application of transparent or semi-transparent layers on each other. A study on the theory of colour is one of the most important stages in the design of these fabrics. In addition, the project focuses on the environmental problems. The canvases were made from European yarn, linen and hemp. Their production requires the use of a minimum amount of chemicals. What's more, the weaving loom is a machine driven by the strength of human muscles, without the use of electricity.

A special feature of the presented project is the protection of intangible cultural heritage in form of unique knowledge in the field of hand weaving passed between generations.



  • She studied at universities in Poland and abroad - Faculdade de Letras at the University of Porto, Portugal. At the turn of 2014/2015, as part of the cross-border exchange program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, she took an internship at Helena Loermans weaving atelier, in Odemira, Portugal.

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