6 - 14 july 2019

DtB Summit | Understanding the persona - how to free yourself from user stereotypes and not to build your own clone


12 july, 13:15 - 16:15


20 places
Compulsory registration!


PPNT Gdynia, building II
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The workshop is aimed at representatives of marketing, product development, R&D, PR, sales and HR departments as well as for business owners.

The process will focus on how to free user profiling from stereotypes and avoid bias based on our own perspectives. Persona is an important and useful business design tool. At the same time, it sparks lots of utmost emotions - from astonishment to aversion or even contempt. When working with personas, it is indeed easy to fall into a trap of "dressing-up a doll", labelling and projecting our own likings. That exercise usually goes fast, teams have lots of fun, moderator smiles. Unfortunately, neither building such user's profile does not mean that we became customer-centric, nor naming our persona means we got to know our user. Creating valuable, functional persona is a difficult, analytical task preceded by observation and research in a real-life service context, often using various techniques. There're lots of nuances and dead ends here.

During the workshop, we will define what a persona really is and look into the making process in detail. We will cover research, user observations and analysis of collected data. We will attempt to disenchant and "de-coach" it. We will provide you with hints on how to avoid stereotypes, and share how to use our 3D approach to create a persona that is actually helpful in the process of understanding the user and his behaviours in different service contexts and moments in life.


  • Iza manages customer insight projects at Very Human Services. She designs services and products based on user need and is an experienced moderator of innovation implementation processes in the organization.

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  • ​Wojtek is the Head of Research at Very Human Services. He designs and coordinates projects, both qualitative and quantitative to support the design and implementation of services and products (user experience research & testing, design research, customer experience, passenger experience, audits of the organization).

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