6 - 14 july 2019

DtB Summit | Holacracy - let's design organizations for the future


13 july, 11:00-14:30


20 places
Compulsory registration!


PPNT Gdynia, building IV
spot on the map: 23

Together, we will simulate a tactical meeting and discover how to assess operational issues rapidly and reliably. Hundreds of companies worldwide are already using this innovative approach to get organized around a purpose. Holacracy fundamentally changes how decisions are made and how power is distributed. The goals of Holacracy are bold: make your company more agile and responsive to its environment, increase organizational clarity. Also, it helps to figure out who does what, who expects what, and who decides. It minimizes internal politics as well as enables deeper employee engagement and empowerment.

Workshops are designed for organizational decision-makers and change-makers that would like to learn more about basic Holacracy principles and experience working within such a framework.

 How does it feel to work within Holacracy framework? These workshops are not a training course and are not designed to teach any applicable skills. You will have an opportunity to learn the basics of Holacracy – i.e. what it is and how it is structuredDuring this workshop you will gain a better understanding of why changing the way we organize is crucial for any organisation to be successful. You will learn what Holacracy, self-management and new approaches to work are all about. Participants will get the chance to experience differences between traditional organizations and the self-managed ones built on Holacracy.


  • Ewa is a partner at dwarfs and Giants, an innovation lab for shaping the future of work. She believes that the future of organizations can´t be built on the principles of the past and for this reason, we need to rewrite the fundamental ideas of how we work, lead and organize.

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