6 - 14 july 2019


runs workshops at DtB Summit

We’re a group of friends who have run an illustration and design studio in Cieszyn, Poland, for six years. We’re far from the madding cities, in the middle of green foothills, where we show that nothing is impossible. We create functional illustrations for video explainers, perform live sketching, offer prototype drawing, and teach infographic depiction of the world. Together with Very Human Services, we’ve created User Stories: a tool for independent prototyping and storyboarding. Since our very beginnings, democratic decision making has been a key value for us. That’s why efficient communication has been a crucial element for our undertaking. By trial and error, we’ve created a teal, self-managing organization. Our experience was the starting point for creating Otwarte Karty (“Cards on the Table”), a tool which helps groups and teams achieve better communication.